Adult Volunteer FAQ’s

If I volunteer, do I have to attend any special training classes?
Yes, In order to provide a quality program, all staff are required to attend MANDATORY pre-camp training. Training dates, times and locations are located on the volunteer page.

DSC_0204aI can’t come for the full 5 days – can you use me for a shorter period? OR, I can’t make it to the weekend training – can I still help? Yes, we need pre-camp help, clean-up staff, fundraising helpers, and part-time camp volunteers. Fill out the adult volunteer registration form and tell us what you are available and willing to do to help.  For at camp jobs we request that you do work at least 2 days minimum.  All jobs are eligible for some kind of camp rebate to help lower your campers fee. The Saturday training right before camp begins is mandatory for all adults who will actually be onsite for any or all of the full week. Contact us immediately if you have a conflict.

I can’t help this year, but I’d love to have my daughter attend!
Are you sure?  We have lots of volunteer jobs some that need to be done prior to camp and from at home if you are unable to attend the actual camp.  But if you are sure there is no way for you to help then please go to, download, print and turn their registration in at one of the priority registration kick-off events. Forms received at those two events will be given the highest priority followed by the ones received in order at the PO Box.

I can only work 2 days at camp and have a pixie (or sibling boy) camper, can they come be in the pixie (or boy) unit for just those 2 days I am onsite?
No, sorry. Our Pixie and Boy units are only for the campers of full time 5 day staff. We have program planned for them in addition to the Girl Scout campers and can’t have several children coming and going from that unit throughout the week. Part time volunteers will need to find other childcare options for the few days they are going to work at camp – if less than 5.

Why do I have to pay the full fee up front if I am just going to get a rebate/refund back for volunteering?
We require all campers to pay their complete fee before the June 1st deadline. Volunteers who work to earn credits back for their campers will receive a check within 4-6 weeks after camp ends. We do this to make sure that all adults honor their volunteer agreement and that the camp is fully staffed.

I want to volunteer, but if I get assigned to an older girl unit that has a sleep over night I am not sure what to do with my daisy/brownie Girl Scout that night?
We can work with you on all these concerns.  Adults who are working with older girl units who have an overnight opportunity during the week will be allowed to have their younger children spend the night with them.  Their younger Scout will need to stay in the tent with you and should not participate in program but would be able to stay by your side and watch.  If that is not an option and you feel it would be best for you to go home at night – we can also work with you on that to get the adult ratio covered for the overnight but would like for you to stay for the after camp and evening program and then leave at bedtime.  Don’t let this be the reason that you don’t volunteer – we need you and can work through all of these tricky situations.

I have a special skill that I think the Program could benefit from, who do I talk to?
If you think you have a special skill that you could help to teach or share with the campers during the week please contact us at our camp hotline or email.

I would like to volunteer… can I be the Unit Leader for my daughters unit?
Probably not. Is your daughter ready for camp, but you’re nervous about letting her go? (be honest now) This is the perfect solution! She will have her own independent experience (staff are never placed in the same unit as their child), and you’ll be able to keep an eye out from a discrete distance. This is an awesome, shared family experience, and many a ride home from camp is filled with non-stop chatter, laughter and songs!

The camp will first assign adults to units where they do not have a child. We feel this is a good opportunity for you as a volunteer to get to know other girls and for your daughter to expand her horizons and learn from other adult volunteers. That being said camp is not huge and you will see your daughter throughout the week during different camp activities. If we are low on volunteers it is possible that we may need to place you in the same unit but that is not our preference.

Can only the parent/guardian of a camper be a volunteer?
Everyone is welcome. Volunteer opportunities are open to all adults, not just Girl Scout leaders. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, college students, grandparents and other adult friends are welcome! Day camp volunteers are needed as unit leaders, first aiders, and program support. No experience in Girl Scouting or camping is necessary. We will give you lots of program ideas, training and moral support.

As a volunteer, do I need to register as a Girl Scout?
All volunteers are required to register as a Girl Scout (for insurance purposes), pay the $15 fee, complete a volunteer application and a background check for $2.50.  Even male volunteers will register as a Girl Scout – we have lots of dads and brothers who are proud members!  We can help you with this and make it very easy.

What are the benefits of staffing at Sonoma Day Camp?
• The beautiful site! Our camp is located in beautiful Glen Ellen. While the rest of the state is sweltering, our temperatures rarely exceed 80 degrees.
• The activities and fun! Did you love camp as a girl and wish you could go back? Or have you been forever scarred by missing out on the camp experience as a child? Are you tired of the serious adult world? Come join us and rediscover your inner child, as our counselors are strongly encouraged to have as much silly fun as the campers!
• Not having to let go completely! Is your daughter ready for camp, but you’re nervous about letting her go?  This is the perfect solution! She will have her own independent experience (staff are never placed in the same unit as their child), and you’ll be able to keep an eye out from a discrete distance. This is an awesome, shared family experience, and many a ride home from camp is filled with non-stop chatter, laughter and songs!
• Guaranteed placement of staff kids! Every year our camp fills up VERY quickly, but we reserve spots in each unit for staff kids. Therefore, placement of staff kids is guaranteed until we are fully staffed.
• Discounted camp fees! You will receive a $20 per day discount on your camper’s already-low fees. Adult volunteers must be able to work a minimum of 2 days ($40 rebate) to 5 days ($100 rebate). You will get a check back within 4-6 weeks after camp ends crediting you for the days worked.
• The Pixie and Boys unit! All adult full-time volunteers who have toddlers from age 3-5 (even those going into K in Fall 2011) who are potty trained or sibling Boys (ages 6-11) can come to camp and have a blast in our Tag Units. Tags participate in all regular camp activities AND have special things to do on their own. These unit are ONLY open to the children of full time (5 day) adult volunteers.
• Rubbing shoulders with remarkable women – and a few men too! The BEST adults volunteer to be camp counselors AND camp brings out the BEST in our volunteers! We LOVE our staff!
• The training! Most of our new counselors don’t believe us when we tell them that training is FUN! Especially when we add the word “mandatory”. But take our word for it, we all look forward to the training weekend as much as camp itself!
• Learn great leadership information, skills, ideas for your troop (if you are a troop leader or parent) with our Sonoma GS Day Camp Staff Training Manual.  (note that this is password protected, only camp staff is allowed access to the manual).

How do I get more information? Go to, or you can call the full Sonoma Day Camp Crew at our voicemail line 707-205-1233 and we’ll call you back within 72 hours. Want a possibly faster response – email us your question at

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