Health FAQ’s

What if my daughter gets sick or is injured?
We have a well stocked health center and will always have qualified and trained nurses and first-aiders on site at all times. Additionally, the local Fire Department has an emergency response team just minutes away. In the event of an emergency, parents are notified right away. Many of our camp staff have first aid and/or CPR training. Your daughter is in good hands at camp.

What if my daughter is on medications or needs over the counter medications?
A Registered Nurse runs our camp health center. All medications will be dispensed from there. Prescription medication must be in the original container with proper instructions from the pharmacy on the label. Over the counter (OTC) medications will be dispensed as needed according the bottle instructions if you sign the OTC release on the medical form. Please bring any OTC medications with your daughter. Inhalers and Epi-pens will remain on your daughter (unless otherwise discussed between parent and health supervisor). Please provide a small fanny pack for her to keep them with her.

Does my daughter need to get a physical exam/physicians signature on her health form?
Only Campers 9th grade and higher in the Fall of the next school year will be required to get a physicians approval on their health form prior to camp. Often times, as long as she had a physical exam within the 12 months prior to camp, your physician should be willing to sign your health form without needing to schedule a physical exam. All other campers and tags do not need a physicians signature on their health form. Make sure you fill out the correct health form for your campers! There is a special one for CITs (9th grade and higher) that requires a physician’s signature.

My daughter had to fill out a health form when she registered for Girl Scouts earlier this year. Can I send you a copy of that health form?
No.  There is a different health form that is required for a Day Camp environment. You can find the Day Camp health form included in your Registration Packet (see the Quick Links for Forms section).

Can we just write “Up-To-Date” in the immunization section of the form?
Yes, that is acceptable if your child has followed the recommended immunization for California State Schools.  Please clearly mark on the immunization area if your daughter has NOT been immunized.

When are the health forms due?
ASAP! A registration is NOT complete and your daughter will not receive priority placement if we do not have all of her forms on file at the time of registration. Only fully completed registrations will be accepted and those girls will be given priority placement. It is extremely important that we receive health forms on time. They contain information that is needed for a variety of aspects of camp life: i.e. food allergies for the kitchen, medication information for the nurses. It creates problems for our planning process when forms are received late and your daughter may lose her spot at camp.  **Make sure you fill out the correct Health Form – there is one that is specifically for campers and a different form that needs to be filled out for CITs (9th grade and up).

I have other questions – who can I contact?
Take a look at our other FAQ pages first, but you are always welcome to call the full Sonoma Day Camp Crew at our voicemail line 707-205-1233 and we’ll call you back within 72 hours. Want a possibly faster response – email us your question at