Camp Life FAQ’s

What does a typical day at camp look like?
At Sonoma Day Camp, there is a general routine that most units follow. Units schedule time at various activities, and all girls stay with their units throughout the day.
9:00am Campers Arrive / Opening Circle/Flag Ceremony
9:30am Dismiss to Units
9:30-12pm Unit Activities
12-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-1pm All Camp Kapers
1-2pm Leader Break / Unit Quiet Time with PAs
2-3:30pm Unit Activities
3:30-3:45pm Unit Clean-up
3:45pm-4pm Closing Circle Ceremony / Dismissal

Will my daughter stay on-site the whole time or will there be field trips? 
Currently we do not have any plans to have the girls leave the Dunbar site during Day Camp. If any field trip does get planned for a specific unit you would be contacted prior to camp by your campers Unit Leader with all the details and to get your permission.   

volunteer_artscraftsWill the girls be cooking outdoors?
Depending on the unit level your daughter is in – cooking projects will be a part of camp life. All meals provided for the campers will be Delicious! Nutritious! And plentiful! Most days they will bring a sack lunch from home – but some days there will be a cooking or food activity that might replace the need for the sack lunch. Once your daughter is confirmed you will be contacted by her Unit Leader with additional information what days food will and will not be needed from home.

My daughter is a picky eater/has food allergies/is a vegetarian – how do you handle that?
If you have concerns about your camper eating habits and allergies it is key that you please indicate this on her health form and we will make arrangements for her unit leaders to contact you to discuss prior to camp. Once the health forms are submitted the Unit leaders will have time to review them and plan group cooking projects around them.

DSC_0197Will my daughter get bored at camp?
Your daughter will do many, many things at camp, but getting bored is NOT one of them! In fact, she will probably come home noticeably excited and tired. It is important that your camper get a good nights sleep each night before she returns to camp the next morning.

What time can I drop off my camper each day?
Sonoma Day Camp runs daily from 9am-4pm. Campers should plan to arrive on time each day. The gate will open promptly at 9am immediately join the opening circle. We understand that your daughter may have other commitments that may delay their arrival. Please call or drop us an email if you will not arrive on time each day. Unfortunately we can not accommodate early drop offs. We are still working to get camp ready!

Can I come into Camp in the morning and watch the Opening Circle?
Our 9am-4pm program is only for the registered campers and adult volunteers who have committed to working on site. Once your daughter is confirmed you will be contacted with detailed information about how the drop-off procedures will work. Security and saftey at camp is our top priority, so only authorized adults will be allowed to enter the camp area.

What time do I pick my camper up?
Closing ceremonies will start at 3:45pm each day of camp and your camper will be ready for dismissal at 4pm. You will be required to come into camp and officially sign out your camper with her own Unit Leader.

DSC_0206I’m afraid my daughter will be homesick? Can she call me?
Campers are not allowed to call home. Being away from home even if it is just for the day can be an adjustment for both campers and parents. You can help your daughter adjust to camp by sending a few familiar items with her; such as a favorite stuffed animal, a picture of the family or her pet. You can also slip an encouraging note into her backpack each day to find throughout the day. Make sure that this is a positive note telling her about all the fun she will have and how proud you are of her and lastly that you will see her at the end of the day. Our staff will be trained to handle homesickness. However if your daughter continues to have difficulty the Camp Director or one of the nurses will call home to get suggestions from you.

What type of Equipment does my daughter need to bring?
Once your daughter is confirmed for camp she will receive in her confirmation packet with an equipment list. Please refer to the equipment list for items she needs to bring. You and your camper will be responsible for making sure she brings the items she needs. Items that may be needed might include a water bottle clearly marked with your campers name on it, Mess Kit (mesh bag with a draw string (easy to find in the laundry section at the dollar store or drug store) with unbreakable plate, bowl, and heat-proof cup (raid your own kitchen) knife, fork, spoon in it, layers of clothes (a warm sweater or jacket) her camp t-shirt to be worn every day (she will get this on day one), a sack lunch, a disposable camera, etc.

I have other questions – who can I contact?
Take a look at our other FAQ pages first, but you are always welcome to call the full Sonoma Day Camp Crew at our voicemail line 707-205-1233 and we’ll call you back within 72 hours. Want a possibly faster response – email us your question at