Registration and Fees

Registration for 2015 Sonoma Day Camp will be open on March 1st.
Forms are now available for download. 

If your daughter is NOT currently a registered Girl Scout, please plan to include a Membership Form with your registration packet along with an additional $15 membership fee.

2015 Registration Packets:

CAMPER Registration Packet (girls entering 1st through 7th Grade)

PROGRAM AIDE Registration Packet (girls entering 8th Grade)

CIT Registration Packet (girls entering 9th through 12th Grade)

ADULT Volunteer Registration Packet

2015 Financial Aid Forms:

Financial Aid Packet



1st/Only camper:  $225
Additional child*  $200
P.A. (8th grade):  $225
C.I.T. (9th-12th grade):  $170
Boys & Pixies**:  $75
* the discount for Additional Children will be given only for children form the same immediate family, living in the same household.
** Boys (age 6-11) and Pixies (age 3-5, and potty trained) can only be registered if their parent/guardian is a full time volunteer.
Financial Aid is available from Girl Scouts of Northern California.  No girl will ever be denied camp registration due to inability to pay. 


Financial Aid is available. If you are in need of financial aid, please indicate so on the registration on form and download the following forms:

Includes Financial Aid Instructions and Camp Flyer.

The deadline to apply for Council assistance is May 15, 2015. If you would like to participate in fundraising efforts to help offset the costs of camp, please indicate that on the registration form as well and someone will be in contact with you. All requests are confidential.

Credits earned from Girl Scout product sales (Cookie or Nuts) may be redeemed to pay for part of your camp fees. You must turn in your rewards plastic credit card and indicate how much is available on the card. We will verify the funds before processing them – if amount differs from what you indicated we will let you know what your outstanding balance for camp will be – due by May 1st. ***Please note – that once your cookie or nut credits are use and applied towards your camp fees there is no way to get these back if you later decide to request a refund. If you request a refund your refund check will be in the amount you paid minus any cookie/nut credits.

Want a chance to save up to $100 of your camp fee? We are currently looking for an adult volunteer to hold a Fundraising Organizer position so that we can help to plan several fundraising events to help families who can’t afford to send their daughter to camp. This full-time at home volunteer position would be eligible to earn up to $100 off her campers fee. See the Volunteer page for full job description and contact us today if you might be interested.

If you are a family who is not able to pay the full deposit we want to work with you. It is our hope that no girl will be turned away due to lack of funds and we will help give those Scouts several opportunities to earn money towards their camp fee.

Let us work with you. Contact the Admin staff ASAP to discuss what is possible.

Camp Volunteers that sign up and fulfill their agreement to work for two or more days will receive a rebate of $20 per day per volunteer on their camper’s fees (up to $100 per adult volunteer). A family can have more than one volunteer who does qualify for the rebate but amount returned will not exceed the full payment made to Sonoma Day Camp. The amount earned will be returned by mail after camp within 4-6 weeks.

All campers will be notified of acceptance or wait list status no later than May 15th. Completion of registration forms and your check clearing the bank does not guarantee a space at Sonoma Day Camp. The number of campers that can be accommodated is contingent on recruitment of sufficient volunteer staff. Registrations from Sonoma/Glen Ellen Scouts received before our Priority Registration Deadline will be given highest priority. Children of qualified adult volunteers are guaranteed placement.

ALL checks will be deposited as they are received and the clearing of your check from your bank account does NOT mean that your Scout has been accepted into the program. If your camper does not make it into the program after the May 15th placements have been made you will be notified and a refund check will be mailed out immediately.

Refund requests will be honored without question through April 30. Beginning May 1st we will review requests on a case-by-case basis. If you need to cancel your registration, please contact us as soon as possible. All requests must be in writing and sent to:

Sonoma Day Camp
P.O. Box 299
El Verano, CA 95433